Monday, October 25, 2004

Poll Numbers

With eight days left until the General Election, let's look at some of the most current poll numbers. The latest Zogby Poll of 1207 likely voters has President Bush leading Kerry 48% to 45%. The current TIPP poll shows Busj up by 6 points, Time Magazine puts Bush up by 5 points, and Fox News puts the President up by seven. The most recent ABC News/Washinton Post poll only gives the President a 1 point lead. The web site average the seven primary polls, showing the President with an average 3 point lead over Senator Kerry.

Looking at just Georgia numbers, President Bush is kicking butt and taking names. In the current SurveyUSA poll of Georgia likely voters, the President holds a 57% to 40% lead. The Zogby/AJC poll shows a 10 point lead for the President, while the latest Strategic Vision poll shows Bush up by 21 points (58% to 37%). Strategic Vision is a polling corporation that assists Republican candidates.

In the race to succeed Zell Miller in the U.S. Senate from Georgia, Republican Johnny Isakson has a commanding lead over his democratic challenger Denise Majette. The latest Zogby/AJC poll puts Isakson up by 18 points. The Survey USA poll gives him an 16 point advantage, while Strategic Vision has him up by 15. All those polls show between 6% and 10% undecided.

The Georgia 3rd District Congressional race isn't very tight, according to the latest Mellman poll. That poll, taken in early October, gives incumbant Jim Marshall a huge lead (53% to 24%) over his Republican challenger Calder Clay. The poll was done by the Mellman Group, which works for Democratic candidates.

In other races around the country...

In North Carolina, the race to succeed Senator John Edwards seems to be going the Republican way. Republican Richard Burr holds a slight five point lead in the latest Rasmussen poll over Democrat Erskine Bowles. During the summer, most polls showed Bowles with a double-digit lead. In the fall, Burr's advertising campaign highlighted Bowles' working relationship with former President Bill Clinton.

In South Dakota, Senator Tom Daschle seems in jeopardy of losing his seat to Republican challenger John Thune. This race has gone back and forth, with both candidates leading in various polls at various times. Currently, Rasmussen calls it a tie. The latest Zogby poll gave Daschle a thin 2 point lead.

In Illinois, Barack Obama holds a commanding lead over challenger Alan Keytes for that state's open U.S. Senate seat. The Chicago Tribune/WGN has Obama up 66% to 19%, and Rasmussen Poll puts Obama up 68% to 23%.

In South Carolina, Republican Jim DeMint is holding a small lead over Democrat Inez Tenenbaum in the race to succeed retiring senator Fritz Hollings. The Rasmussen poll gives DeMint a slight six point lead.

In Florida, President Bush and Senator Kerry are neck and neck in virtually all the polls. averages the main polls, and gives the President only about a one point advantage. Virtually the same cn be said about Ohio and Minnesota.