Monday, October 11, 2004

Anti-Kerry Documentary To Air

Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned television stations will broadcast the documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" during prime-time in the days leading up to the presidential election. The film, funded by Pennsylvania veterans and produced by a veteran and former Washington Times reporter, features former POWs accusing Kerry of worsening their ordeal by prolonging the conflict.

Good for them! Sinclair owns or operates 62 TV stations in 39 markets, reaching about one-fourth of the country. They don't have the reach of CBS and their liberal "news" programs, the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes, but it's a start. Many of Sinclair's stations are in swing states, like Florida and Ohio. To find the Sinclair station near you, click here.

Of course, the Libs are up in arms over this decision by Sinclair. It's perfectly fair, in their eyes, for 60 Minutes to dedicate four shows to spotlighting Anti-Bush books and hit pieces on Bush's war record, while never once mentioning the Swift Boad Veterans. It's acceptable to use forged documents to build a malicious attack on the President. But Heaven forbid TV stations report anything negative about JFKerry's record in 'Nam.

Apparently, there will be a panel discussion of some type following the documentary, and Sinclair has invited Kerry to take part. Like that will ever happen. Sure wish it would, though. I'd love to see how Kerry would handle a face-to-face confrontation with the Vets who feel he betrayed them.