Friday, July 30, 2004

Questions For PETA

Doctor Michael S. Adams, in his column at, asks some great questions of the animal loving folks at PETA. My favorite: Do PETA members eat animal crackers?

(By the way, I consider myself a member of a group also called PETA... People Eating Tasty Animals)

Wicked Car Crash

This is an amazing video of an auto accident in Dayton, Ohio. It was captured by a traffic camera, and it shows one of God's miracles in action. A pedestrian is caught in the middle of the accident, and although badly injured, he actually survives. It's rough, but worth seeing. Also, delcares it to be completely real.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

John Kerry And An Hour Of JFKrap

All right... I've just endured nearly an hour of mindless drivel, punctuated by raving idolization and cult worship from several thousand fatuous myrmidons.  Fifty-five or fifty-six minutes of self-grandizing and condescension.  It's an hour of my life I'll never get back.  Let's look at some of hte crap that was shoveled...

"We are a nation at war - a global war on terror against an enemy unlike any we have ever known before."
Yep, John, a war that you voted for, then voted NOT to fund.

"They say this is the best economy we've ever had."

Actually, the Republicans say (correctly) that it's the strongest economy in the last 20 years.  Those figures come from all economic indicators:  job growth, home ownership, new home starts, total employment (more jobs in the U.S. now than ever before), etc.

"We're the optimists. For us, this is a country of the future. We're the can do people."

Give me a break.  All we've heard from Dems the last year or so is how we've been lied to and mislead by the Bush Administration, our jobs are being shipped overseas, poverty is becoming rampant, the economy is terrible, Iraq is turning into another Vietnam, the whole world hates us, we are fighting terrorism alone, the Patriot Act is going to strip us of all our liberties, the Republicans want to roll back civil rights, Bush is ruining this nation's education system, we're too dependent to foreign oil, oh no - the Republicans want to drill for oil in the U.S., etc., etc., etc.....   Yeah, that sounds real optimistic all right.  Idiot.

"... on behalf of the middle class who deserve a champion..."
JFKerry, the WEALTHIEST man to ever  run for President, a champion of the middle class?  Who in the heck does this moron think he's kidding?  He knows NOTHING about the middle class.  Zero.  Nada. 
"... for the brave men and women in uniform who risk their lives every day..."

... who overwhelmingly support President Bush and the war on terror.

"And what can I say about Teresa? She has the strongest moral compass of anyone I know. She's down to earth, nurturing, courageous, wise and smart. She speaks her mind and she speaks the truth..."

Ask her again what she meant by "un-American."  Oh yeah, she never said that.  Even though whe's on tape saying it, and hundreds of people in attendance heard her say it, she didn't really say it.  She said she didn't.  She also didn't tell a reporter who asked about the comment to "Shove it!"  Just dang!

"Saying there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn't make it so."

I guess you were wrong on that one too, weren't you?  But wait... I forgot, we did find several shells filled with sarin nerve gas.  Liters of it, enough to kill thousands.  Guess you've forgotten about that too, huh?  Typical.

"Saying we can fight a war on the cheap doesn't make it so."

You, JFKerry, voted against the $87 billion to support our troops.  You tried to deny the troops the funding they needed, not President Bush.

"I defended this country as a young man..."

For four months and 12 days, until you conned and "battled" your way into three purple hearts and bugged out.  (See previous entry about Kerry's fellow swift boat officers and hteoir opinions of Kerry.)

"We will add 40,000 active duty troops." 

How?  It's a volunteer army.  Where will you come up with the additional troop strength?  You've already castigated the President for calling up National Guard and Reserve troops.   So where are you gonan get them from?  Idiot.

"We will provide our troops with the newest weapons and technology to save their lives... We need a strong military."

This from a man who voted against every primary weapons system our military is using today.  By the way, in Kerry's comments about the miliatry and the war in Iraq, he sounds like he believes the military is using obsolete weaponry, with untrained and ill-prepared soldiers, being overmatched by their enemy.  Makes me wonder how someone wanting to be Commander-In-Chief can seem so uneducated about our fighting men and women and their resources.

"Strength is more than tough words."

Sometimes it's making a tough decision and doing something that not everyone agrees with, just because it's the right thing to do.  Much like Iraq.  Jerk.

"You don't value families by kicking kids out of after school programs and taking cops off our streets, so that Enron can get another tax break."

Nice, a qiuck and simple way to get some cheap applause, by mixing two disassociated issues.  By the way, the ENTIRE Enron mess took place under President Clinton's watch.  Ass.

"You don't value families if you force them to take up a collection to buy body armor for a son or daughter in the service."

Again, YOU voted against the $87 billion funding for our troops in battle.  Jerk.

"Health care is not a privilege for the wealthy, the connected, and the elected - it is a right for all Americans."

Sorry, but I think I missed the "right to health care" the last time I read the Constitution.  Will someone please show me where that's at? 

I'm sorry, I just can't go on.  It's late, and I'm sick to death of this whole issue. 

Too many people in this country are too stupid to think for themselves, to work hard for the things they need, or to take responsibility for their lives themselves. 

If you believe government should take care of you, make sure you have a job, make sure you have a doctor, and make sure you get paid a decent wage... then you're too big of an idiot to do anything but vote for Kerry. 

If you believe the government should take money away from people who work harder than you and make more money than you, and then take care of you with that  money, then you have absolutely no sense of personal pride or self-worth.

If you believe all Democrats are looking out for you, and all Republicans are trying to stick it to you, then you deserve whatever comes your way.  Keep looking to the sky.  Your Democrat leaders say it's falling, so be prepared.

Most importantly...

... if you believe there's a God above
... if you believe in the Ten Commandments
... if you believe in the Golden Rule
... if you believe that life begins at conception
... if you believe we are responsible for the choices we makein our lives
... if you believe you know what's in your best interests better than the government does
... if you believe terrorists pose a threat to this great nation

then please, please, please think long and hard before you vote for JFKerry.  Don't make a mistake you'll regret later.

Check It Out...

A hunting guide at a South Georgia plantation claims to have killed a 1,000 pound, 12 foot long wild hog. Quite a sight...

Justice For Cellphone Movie Patrons
She was rudely talking on her cell phone as the movie began. Police officer asked her to turn it off and be quiet. Boyfriend joins in, threatening to "hit the cracker in his head." Jailarity ensues...

Up For An Arctic Voyage?
An aunt and uncle of mine just came back from an Alaskan cruise. Sounds like great fun. This trip, on the other hand, hmmm..... A river guide who apparently believes there's a "hollow" place on the Earth has chartered a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker ship to explore the area. He's accepting reservations for up to 100 passengers. Cost: approximately $20,000 a person. Deposit required.

Ironic: Environmentalist Killed By Falling Tree
A Tulsa, Oklahoma lawyer and environmental activist was killed when a tree supporting his hammock fell and crushed him.

Kerry, Vietnam and the Truth

For a war he opposed, John Kerry sure is getting good mileage out of his 134 days in Vietnam. He would have the American public believe that his military service not only prepared him, but entitled him, to be president. The question many Americans have, though, is what his Vietnam record really says about John Kerry.

There's no better place to start than this website: Swift Boat Veterans For Truth

This website was created by Kerry's fellow swift boat officers to accurately portray the John Kerry they knew. The details aren't very flattering. For example...

  • So far as they are able to determine, Kerry was the only Swift sailor ever to leave Vietnam without completing the standard one-year tour of duty, other than those who were seriously wounded or killed...
  • Kerry went to unusual lengths to obtain a Purple Heart after being turned down by his own commanding officer, due to the fact that Kerry had come under NO enemy fire, and the injury was due to his own negligence. Also, the military physician who treated Kerry's "wound" stated, "I’ve seen worse injuries from a rose thorn."
  • Kerry's fellow Swift officer Thomas Wright, who served on occasion as the OIC (Officer in Charge) of Kerry's boat group, contradicts that claim. Wright reports that he "had a lot of trouble getting Kerry to follow orders," and that those who worked with Kerry found him "oriented towards his personal, rather than unit goals and objectives."
  • Kerry has lied for 30 years about the nature of actions his and other swift boats took, their missions, and meetings with commanders.
Many of the men who served alongside Kerry in Vietnam write about the man and their feelings about his conduct during and after the war.

Robert Elder: "John Kerry went home and began his atrocious betrayal of all of us by attempting to rally the American public against all we were trying to do. He went in front of Congress and accused us of unspeakable crimes, and in one final act of disrespect for himself, threw away his own heroism by throwing his medals over the White House gate. Most of us in that picture, and most of the other Swifties, have borne the pain of that betrayal all these years."

John O'Neill: "We resent very deeply the false war crimes charges he made coming back from Vietnam in 1971 and repeated in the book "Tour of Duty." We think those cast an aspersion on all those living and dead, from our unit and other units in Vietnam. We think that he knew he was lying when he made the charges... he is totally unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief."

Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann, USN (retired): "His biography, 'Tour of Duty,' by Douglas Brinkley, is replete with gross exaggerations, distortions of fact, contradictions and slanderous lies. His contempt for the military and authority is evident by even a most casual review of this biography. He arrived in-country with a strong anti-Vietnam War bias and a self-serving determination to build a foundation for his political future. He was aggressive, but vain and prone to impulsive judgment, often with disregard for specific tactical assignments. He was a 'loose cannon.'"

Nearly all the people who knew him best in Vietnam, the people who know exactly what John Kerry was like under fire, refuse to support him. They use words like "unfit" and "bertayal" and "lying" when describing his character.

Go to the website and check into it for yourself. Make up your own mind. Ask yourself, is this the kind of leadership we need to fight the global war against terrorism? Is this the type man we need in charge of our miliatry? Do we really want a Commander-in-Chief that our own military won't like or respect?

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Now That's Just Stupid...

The Boston-based Gillette Company reportedly spent over a million dollars having free samples of their razors placed in each of the welcome bags handed out to attendees of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Only one problem... they were immediately confiscated by security as the attendees tried to enter the convention area. Doh!

One Step Closer

My sweetie and I moved a step closer to that big event this weekend. I asked for and received approval from her Dad to pop the question. Looking for rings now, so it's just a matter of time!

Monday, July 26, 2004

This Land Is Your Land...

For the ten people who haven't seen this yet, here's Bush and Kerry singing about why they will be elected. It's absolutely hilarious...

Friday, July 23, 2004

Theft and Cover-Up

Former Clinton administration National Security Advisor Samuel "Sandy" Berger was witnessed stuffing classified national security documents in his socks and pants, then illegally removing them from the National Archives. Some of the missing papers were later found in Berger's home by FBI agents executing a search warrant. Other papers apparently were destroyed.

Berger has called it an "honest mistake". Sure... we all accidentally shove classified papers into our clothing on a daily basis. Could'a happened to any of us!

Democratic apologists have come forward to defend Berger, claiming the investigation is timed to detract from the 9/11 report (which really didn't criticize President Bush) or the Democratic convention. The mainstream media has made tremednous attempts to avoid the story entirely. Fortunately, the US Justice Department isn't letting it go. Neither are Republican members of Congress.

Said Sen. Saxby Chambliss, (R-Georgia): “I deal with classified documents every single day. We know better, and Sandy Berger knew better... And for gosh sakes, Sen. Kerry knows better than to utilize those documents in any way. And we think it needs to be called into question as to whether or not they have.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), called Berger's actions on Tuesday a "third-rate burglary" and a "gravely, gravely serious" threat to national security.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) said he is "profoundly troubled" by the allegations. "What could those documents have said that drove Mr. Berger to remove them without authorization from a secure reading room for classified documents? What information could be so embarrassing that a man with decades of experience in handling classified documents would risk being caught pilfering our nation's most sensitive secrets?

"Did these documents detail simple negligence or did they contain something more sinister? Was this a bungled attempt to rewrite history and keep critical information from the 9-11 Commission and potentially put their report under a cloud?

"Mr. Berger has a lot of explaining to do. He was given access to these documents to assist the 9-11 Commission, not hide information from them. The American people and the 9-11 families don't want cover-ups when it comes to the War on Terror. They want the truth. And so does the U.S. House of Representatives."

Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) questioned Berger's motivation for the thefts, "What in heaven's name was he thinking? What is so important that he would risk both his reputation and prosecution to remove these documents? What's there to hide? There is no one with his experience who can claim that these are the actions of an absent-minded employee. Sandy Berger knows better."

Shortly after the news broke about Berger's taking of classified documents, the John Kerry campaign removed the candidate's anti-terrorism plans from the campaign web site, fueling speculation that some of the classified material was either a part of those plans, or had profoundly influenced them.

It's encouraging to hear that members of Congress are asking questions, and that the Justice Department isn't walking away from the issue. The media might not want to cover the story, but as long as people in power pursue it, the media can't make it go away. Fortunately, we have Fox News, Joe Scarborough at MSNBC, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, NewsMax, WorldNetDaily and the Wall Street Journal to keep issues like tis at the forefront.

More Health News

We now have a date for Dad's next (and hopefully last) surgery. He will be going to Emory again for surgery on August 6th, two weeks from today. If all goes well, he will be cancer-free. Following a couple of months recovery, he can resume his normal life!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Geez... Another One!

This time it was at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, and the idiot entertainer who got political was Linda Ronstadt. You've probably already heard about it. During her performance she dedicated a song to Michael Moore, calling him a "patriot". The audience seemed to disapprove, and chaos ensued. She was escorted from the stage straight to her bus, and told not to return to the Aladdin.

Aladdin president Bill Timmins put it this way, "It was a very ugly scene... [Ronstadt] spoiled a wonderful evening for our guests and we had to do something about it... We live in a city where people come from all over the world to be entertained. We hired Ms. Ronstadt as an entertainer, not as a political activist. Whether you are politically on the left or on the right is not the point. She went up in front of the stage and just let it out. This was not the correct forum for that."

Interestingly enough, Ms. Ronstadt seems something of a hypocrite. In this interview with the Sand Diego Union-Tribune, she speaks about her audience's political views, "It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know."

Well, Linda, so would we. That's the reason most people wish you celebs would just shut up and sing.

Also during the interview, she offered up this nugget of wisdom about the good ol' USA: "I saw a movie recently about a camel and these people in Mongolia, and I relate to them better than people here in this country. It looks like (Germany's) Weimar Republic to me here."

So the US reminds Ms. Ronstadt of the Weimar Republic...

If I remember my early 20th century history, the Weimar Republic was an attempt at a democratic government, with a bicameral legislature and voting rights for all. It was assaulted by the ultra-liberal left (Communists and their ilk) and the ultra-nationalistic Nazis, who finally destroyed it.

I have to assume Ms. Ronstadt is comparing the current situation in the US with that of Germany, approximatley 1930. If so, logic dictates that she must be comparing the conservative Right in this country to that time period's Nazis.

The Communists then, like so much of the Left today, were ultra-liberal. The Weimar Republic itself was based on equality and fairness, so if she's alluding to that, she's saying that she disapproves of equality and fairness. Hence, she must be inferring that today's government leaders are like the Nazis of the 1930s.

Sorry Linda, but I haven't seen any concentration camps, gas chambers or incinerators for political dissidents. The only propoganda I see spewing forth in this country comes from Michael Moore,, the Democratic Party, etc. The only restraints I've seen on free speech, expression or press have come from the liberal Left. The only source I see for the dumbing-down, apologizing, individuality-eliminating crap in this country is the Left.

(stepping down from my soapbox now...)

Monday, July 19, 2004

Blog Recommendation

Here's a blog I highly recommend, especially for those conservatives among you from the Atlanta area. He calls himself Blind Pig, and his weblog is called Outside The Perimeter. Check it out...

Told You So

It was too easy to predict this, and it's unfair to call attention to it, but I've gotta say... I told you so.

I said last week that we'd hear all sorts of absurd comments about the firing of Whoopi Goldberg. Let's see what people are saying...

Michael Paul Williams of the Richmond Times-Dispatch writes: "People who exercise their First Amendment right and criticize the Bush administration are liable to be called a traitor or a terrorist. The new political correctness calls for you to support the president - or else."

Sorry, Mr. Williams, this had nothing to do with President Bush. This had to do with tens of thousands of SlimFast customers who were offended and disgusted by the spokesperson hired by the company. The only sensible thing the company could do was let her go. It's about business, not politics, you idiot.

Diversity promoter Asa Khalif said, "I smell racism from beginning to end... SlimFast must realize that black women have every right to voice their views."

And, Mr. Khalif, SlimFast has every right to choose who they do and don't want representing their company. Apparently, they don't want a spokesperson who might alienate half their customer base.

On the other hand, the New York Daily News editorial page seems to have a clear idea of what's going on: "Whoopi Goldberg has every right to her embarrassingly witless political observations... And SlimFast has every right to dump a shill who's maybe not good for business... Goldberg is no victim. Just somebody who got rude and was asked to leave the table."

And one of my favorite comments comes from Paul Mulshine of the Newark, New Jersey Star-Ledger: "If this is now a country where diet- product companies are no longer enlisting artists and writers to pitch their products, then it is a better country than it was seven days ago. Perhaps we are making progress toward the day when no American who wishes to be taken seriously will ever be seen pitching a product."

Friday, July 16, 2004

Whoopi And Free Speech

Well, the makers of Slim-Fast have fired Whoopi Goldberg as their spokesperson, in response to her lewd and vulgar diatribe about President Bush. Now it's time for Ms. Goldberg and her liberal Hollywood cohorts to blame those evil Republicans for suppressing her right to free speech.

"See, if you speak out against this President, they'll come after you," she'll say.

"What happened to the First amendment? Freedom of speech?" some other knothead will ask.

"It's just like the Dixie Chicks, only worse because Whoopi is African-American," some civil rights leader will claim.

Mark my words, we will read or hear comments like this before the weekend is over. The sad part is so many Americans will agree. It seems like most people believe the First Amendment guarantees the freedom from consequences when someone speaks their mind. Just what does our Constitution say about free speech? Hmmm? Have you ever actually read the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights? Let's take a look at the First Amendment...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We as Americans have every right to express our feelings and opinions. No one can take that away. Ms. Goldberg has the God-given right to call President Bush anything and everything she wants. She can refer to him in any offensive or derogatory manner she'd like. Even the crude comments she made at the fundraiser in New York City are protected.

Here's the part that steams the libs' collective clams...

The rest of us have the right to call her an out-of-touch, Hollywood elitist, left-wing wacko.

The rest of us have the right to call her remarks offensive, insulting and ignorant.

And (here's the really good part) each of us has the right to send a letter to Slim-Fast saying we will not purchase their products so long as Ms. Goldberg continues to be their spokesperson.

Apparently enough people got pissed off and sent those letters, because Slim-Fast has dismissed her. Smart business move. Why would you risk alienating as much as half of your marketbase? You'd be foolish to do such a thing. Once her comments became public, the company really had no other option. They're not in the business of electing Presidents; they exist to make shakes and snack bars and, in turn, make a profit for their stockholders.

This is so reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks debacle from last year. Weenies on the lib left believe they have the right to speak their slanted little minds, but no one (and I mean NO ONE) has the right to say anything critical about their remarks. This is how the left operates, folks.

From The Web

A Pot With A View
A public toilet surrounded entirely with one-way glass. Would you have the courage to use it? Those crazy Swiss!

Don't Smoke In A Porta-Potty
Flame + methane gas = BOOM! No serious injuries in West Virginia explosion.

Eight Legged Freaks
Our servicemen in Iraq have to watch out for the local indigenous spiders. These things are nasty!

The Forbidden Library
A very good resource on book-banning and censorship. Includes book lists, news,quotes, etc.

How Far Will A Nickel Get You? How About Jail!
A Washington State woman was overpaid unemployment compensation six years ago. The amount overpaid - five cents. The Washington Department of Employment Security demanded repayment of the debt, or a Superior Court summons would be issued. Gotta love bureaucracy.

Stupid Stick-up Artist
A bank robber in Rutherford, N.J., ordered the teller to call for a cab to take him to his getaway car, police said.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

What Was That Awful Sound?

Baseball junkie that I am, I planted myself on the couch last night for the All-Star Game. Everything was great up until the National Anthem, sung by Fantasia Barrino from "American Idol". How in the heck did this girl win the American Idol contest? Her performance had to be one of the worst renditions of The Star-Spangled Banner I've ever heard. Ever.

If you missed it, and want to hear this disaster for yourself, click here, then scroll down and look for Fantasia under "More Headlines From Tuesday.".

Apparently I'm not the only one who thought it sucked. Here are some comments from around the Web...

"...she stunk. I mean she was horrible."

"She should have at least learned the words."

"...the National Anthem by Fantasia was horrible."

"...tonight's All-Star Game started with this piece of CRAP"

"Good grief, SSB may be hard to sing but its lyrics aren't THAT complicated, and if you're going to sing them on a nationally-televised stage, you'd better learn them."

"...screeched, screamed and sounded like an alley cat"

I could go on and on, but you get the picture...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Fighting For Equal Rights In High School

An 18-year-old student at Princeton Senior High School in Princeton, West Virginia has been fighting to protect the rights of students to express their political views on school grounds. Bryan Henderson has faced brutal opposition from some faculty and students, but has held his ground. He's got the Constitution and US Supreme Court on his side, but the liberal faculty members, parents and students want to shut him up.

Check out his story, and see how the left wants to take free speech and expression out of public (government) schools. Bryan, keep fighting the good fight.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Does Kerry Have A Man-crush?

Thanks to the DrudgeReport for pointing out Kerry's "hands-on" style...

Friday, July 09, 2004

Problems With This Blog and Mozilla

I spoke highly yesterday about Mozilla, the web browser I've just started using. I have quickly discovered one problem I'm trying to find a solution to. This blog doesn't display properly with Mozilla. The menu on the right side of the page doesn't display properly. It appears at the bottom of the page, below the last entry. It is the only problem I've found so far, so I still feel comfortable recommeding it.

Spider-Man 2: The Lego Version

Here's a great spoof trailer for Spider-Man 2, done using Lego blocks and stop-motion video. This is fantastic... Spider-Man 2: The Peril of Doc Ock (Lego Version)

Muslim Hate

The transfer of control in Iraq last week ushered in a new era in Middle East politics. Now there's a representative government, offering freedom and liberty, in the heart of the Arab world.

Most of the Middle East is governed by oppressive Muslim regimes. These regimes, along with most of the Muslim world, are at war with Western civilization. There sole ambition is to see the entire world under Muslim control. Don't believe me? Let's take a look, courtesy of professor, columnist and author Walter Williams.

"At the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, several athletes were massacred. In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Tehran was taken over and 52 hostages held for more than a year. In 1983, U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut were blown up, killing 241 U.S. soldiers. In 1988, Pan Am flight 103 was bombed, killing 270 people. In 1993, there was the first bombing of the World Trade Center, and in 2001, it was reduced to rubble, killing more than 3,000 Americans. In 1998, U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed, resulting in more than 200 dead and 4,000 injured. Who are the people responsible for these and other wanton murders of innocents, including the recent barbaric beheading of two innocent men? They were all Muslims."

These people are fanatics. Fanatics who are not only willing to die, wanting to die, but who want to die while killing a few infidels. (By the way, are YOU a Muslim? If you answered no, then they consider you an infidel.)

Think of all the armed conflicts going on in the world. How many DON'T involve Muslims? They can't seem to get along with anyone: Spain, France, Britain, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia, Chechnya, Bosnia, India, Tunisia, Somalia, Philippines...

Oh, and the USA.

Sticking our heads in the sand, hoping they'll leave us alone if we ignore them, is nothing more than suicide. The Libs in this country would have you believe that the Muslin world hates us because we impose in their business, trying to convert them to our ways.

Actually, they hate us because we exist. They loathe the fact that we share this planet without sharing their archaic, uncivilized belief system. They hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for our acceptance of others cultures and religions, they hate us for our power, might and influence.

They hate us. Not America, not the West, not Christians. They hate anyone who isn't like them.

We can't get so caught up in ourselves that we forget to protect ourselves from outside threats. Islam is a threat to our nation and our world. They claim to be a "religion of peace". Why haven't any peaceful Muslim leaders denounced their brethren for the beheading on Nick Berg? Where are the calls from peaceful Muslim leaders for all suicide bombings to end? If Islam is a peaceful religion, why don't their leaders refute the belief that suicide bombers get into heaven simply for killing infidels?

For all the talk, the Muslim world holds the greatest threat to world peace. For us to overlook it, and allow it to continue to grow, would be a fatal mistake.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dumb Crooks And Other Funny Stuff

Tokin' On The Train
If you're going to carry 17 pounds of cocaine on Amtrak, it might be a good idea to not smoke marijuana on the train.

At Least He's Honest
When asked why he robbed and beat an 81-year-old man, an English crook replied, "Because I'm a bastard."

W Ketchup
Because sometimes you just don't want Heinz.

Those Crazy Canuks
A blind University of New Brunswick student is kicked out because his guide dog only understands French.

Better Wind From Down Under
The Australian Braodcasting Company has a website which includes a feature in which children are encouraged to take part in a "Great Fart Survey", a "Great Baked Beans Fart Experiment", to submit poetry about bodily functions, and to teach kids how to break wind more effectively.

Will A Grinch Tag Be Far Behind?
A campaign is underway in Massacusetts to bring the Cat In The Hat to the state's license plates.

Windows XP

Aside from my Dad's surgery, there's another reason I haven't been able to post much recently. The Windows ME operating system on my computer finally cracked. It's the first system failure I've ever experienced. With all the problems I experienced with ME, I decided to install Windows XP. What an experience!

The installation took two hours Tuesday night, most of which I was downstairs watching TV. I have to admit I like XP so far. The two biggest problems I've encountered... First, I was forced to uninstall and reinstall my Norton Antivirus, Firewall and System Works programs. No biggie, just time consuming. Second (and bigger), Outlook Express no longer works. I get an error when I try to open it. I've reloaded, uninstalled, reloaded, edited the registry, worked on tips from the web... nada. But, it's okay. I solved that problem, along with the security issued involved with Outlook Express and Internet Explorer by switching to Mozilla.

The look is almost identical to IE, functions flawlessly so far and seems more intuitive. Also, the Windows XP version (don't know about Mac OS X) includes an e-mail program that I like as well as Outlook Express.

It's just been a couple of days, but I recommed you check it out. Even if you haven't had any big problems with IE.

Good News

Dad went home today, only five days after his first surgery! He still has one more surgery, probably in a month or so. So far, everything's gone exactly as it should.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Update On Dad

The surgery was Friday evening, and went according to plan. His doctor said he was the perfect patient. Recovery has gone well, and hopefully he'll be going home tomorrow. In a month or so they will go back in and remove the portions of his liver that have been affected, and hopefully that will be the end of this.

Thanks again for all the cals, e-mails, well-wishes and prayers. You all are great!