Friday, October 01, 2004

No Debate Talk Here

If you want to read about last night's debate and responses to it, check out these links...
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I'm taking a different path today by avoiding any further discussion of the debate. That's not to say I won't mention something political or debatable. I just choose to go elsewhere...

News Outlets Snookered By ACLU
From CNN to USA Today to The New York Times have been reporting on a U.S. District Judge ruling that an entire section of the Patriot Act has been ruled unconstitutional. Big news, and a big blow to President Bush. But wait... IT WASN'T TRUE! The ruling actually had to do with federal government subpoenas of telephone comapny records and dates back to 1986. That's fifteen years prior to the Patriot Act. The ACLU issued a press release (erroneously) praising the Patriot Act ruling, and the media piciked up on it. Most of them just never bothered to check the facts. Doh!

More Zero-Tolerance Stupidity Right Here In Georgia
A 17 year-old student at Salem High School in Rockdale County, Georgia has been given suspension for smelling like smoke. No one actually caught her smoking. Her family says that she doesn't smoke. She could have been around other students who were smoking, or walked into a bathroom where kids were smoking. Dad is seeking an apology from the school.

I'm A Court Reporper... Recorfer... Resorter...
In Muskogee, Oklahoma, a court reporter is arrested after being caught drunk in court. Among the evidence: her glass of vodka at her station in the court room.

Be Careful What You Tell Your Doctor
A Pennsylvania man had his driver's license revoked after his doctor informed police that the man admitted to drinking a six-pack of beer a day. The license was revoked without any type of citation or conviction.

Booze... It's Good For The Brain
University of Texas researchers say that one or two drinks a day help preserve memory functions, improve self-reported health and performance on everyday tasks, reduce depression and increade confidence.

Unluckiest Man In South Carolina
First, he survives fall from interstate bridge into river in a concrete truck last month. Now, he escapes firethat destroys his home.