Friday, January 30, 2004

One Day Closer...

The big game is Sunday - Pats and Panthers - and plans for the annual super Bowl party are taking shape. Still haven't heard from James, one of my college buds who makes the pilgrimage every year for the big event, but I'm sure he'll make it.

I like this Super Bowl match-up for a couple of reasons. First, I don't forsee a blowout. Carolina's defense should be strong enough to keep the game close for Jake Delhomme and the Panthers offense. Granted, the Patriots haven't lost a game since September. The second reason I like it... I don't care which team wins. Honestly, it makes no difference to me at all.

My prediction: New England 27, Carolina 20

We're also one day closer to November 2, Election Day. After watching last night's debate in South Carolina, I'm reminded of the line a colleague, a long-time journalist, likes to quote: "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story."

Senator Kerry mocks the President's promise to build a "legitimate" global coalition. I suppose dozens of the world's most powerful nations working together aren't "legitimate" unless they have the United Nations' seal of approval.

Senator Lieberman, by far the most moderate of the bunch and possibly the fairest candidate they have, speaks in support of the war in Iraq. But just as I'm beginning to agree with him, he says, "The statements that this administration made before the war, the questions we now have about the intelligence about weapons of mass destruction, the failure of the Bush administration to be prepared for what to do after we overthrew Saddam have all unfortunately given a bad name to a just war."

Democratic and Republican Senators alike on the Senate Intelligence Committee, like Senator Edwards, saw the same intelligence information. Where were their complaints then? Former President Clinton has repeately said that, while he was in office, Hussein had WMD. Are we to believe that Clinton also had faulty intelligence as well? How could things have suddenly changed in January 2001 when President Bush took office? I guess we are to believe that when Clinton left office, Hussein decided to get rid of his WND programs.

These candidates, with the exception of Senator Lieberman, don't seem to understand that the majority of people in this country support what we're doing in Iraq. They know that Hussein needed to be removed from power, that there needs to be a free Arab nation, governed by the people of that nation and not religious zealots, in the Middle East. They also believe, unlike Governor Dean, that the world is safer with Hussein out of power and locked away. This line of debate won't work for them in November. It will fail them just like their arguments over the economy (which looked awful good the last time I checked, but more on that another time.)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Well, here we go...

About me... I'm early 30s, well-educated and happily employed. I'm in love with a beautiful girl who I plan on spending my life with, if she will have me. (She doesn't want me talking about her on here. So don't tell, okay? Thanx!) Life seems to be going well.

I hope this weblog will provide me with a place to share my thoughts and opinions with you all, for whatever they are worth. It also gives me a way to pass along my favorite links, stories, etc. For example...

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