Tuesday, October 19, 2004

More Zero-Tolerance Idiocy.. This Time In New York

A senior at Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, NY has been suspended and charged with a crime for having a Civil War replica muskey in the trunk of his car. Here's the kicker... the musket was part of a Civil War re-enactment taken part in by the Pine Bush High School Civil War Club. The school called the cops, and the boy was also handcuffed and arrested.

Once again a public school overreacts, choosing to respond stupidly and thoughtlessly, rather than using common sense. Any sensible, moderately intelligent principal would have investigated the situation before summarily passing judgement and (consequently) looking like a fool. You ask questions, determine that it's a replica for the school's own Civil War Club, and hold it until the end of the day. Then you return it to the student, instructing him to leave it at home. Of course, if it's part of the school's own club, isn't it likely there are more of these around school somewhere?