Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Conservatives In Hollywood Coming Out

That most affluent and (sadly) influential bastion of extreme liberalism, Hollywood, is beginning to feel a little more balanced. Actors and writers and producers are coming forward to pledge their support for... gasp... Republicans. The first annual Liberty Film Festival took place last weekend in Hollywood, and the usually unseen Conservatives came out en masse. The event was dominated by films with a conservative perspective.

The film getting the most attention is "Celsius 41.1, the Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die", which is a response to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. Other films in the festival:

"In the Face of Evil", which celebrates Ronald Reagan for defeating Soviet Communism.

"WMD: The Murderous Reign" of Saddam Hussein.

"Is It True What They Say About Ann?" which defends conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter.

"Republicans In Hollywood".

"Impact: The Passion of the Christ", which defends Mel Gibson and his film, The Passion of the Christ.

"Michael Moore Hates America", one of three films in the program that attacks the Oscar-winning subversive from Michigan.
This festival is a sign of changing attitudes among the Hollywood conservatives. There seems to be more passion and conviction among them, especially the younger conservatives. Many are speaking out, though still afraid of the consequences of being Republican in Lala-land.

Perhaps it was Governor Schwarzenegger's election, or perhaps the right side of Hollywood finally got fed up enough. Whatever the cause, the acting world's conservatives aren't all in hiding anymore. Clint Eastwood and Patricia Hinton (from "Everybody Loves Raymond") are openly conservative, as are Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Pat Sajak, Roseanne, Drew Carey and Meat Loaf. In the "Republicans in Hollywood" documentary, Heaton says that at a recent dinner party she casually mentioned that she supports President Bush. The reaction, she said, was as if she had just defecated at the table. It's a great sign that these and others aren't afraid to speak their minds and be noticed.