Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Ending

On June 2nd, I passed along the story of Marine Sgt. Zach Richardson, and his visit to Carson Middle School in Greensboro, Georgia. In a nutshell, Sgt. Richardson was invited by a teacher to meet the students who had been writing letters to him and a few of his comrades. When he came to the school, Principal Ulrica Corbett ordered him removed from school grounds. When the story hit the news, it became a nasty mess for the Greene County School System.

The good folks at the Ritz-Carlton at Reynolds Plantation recently hosted Sgt. Richardson, some of his fellow Marines, and nearly 1,000 local residents, including the students from that middle school. Glad to see the students finally got to meet a real American hero. It's a shame their school principal doesn't seem to either be one, or know one when she sees one.

Where's All My Free Time Gone?

There was once a time when I could spend a few moments, two or three times a day, coming to this blog to share a story or comment on some current event. In the days leading up to the wedding, and especially in the dasy since the honeymoon, time's been a tough commodity to acquire.

Don't get me wrong, life is fantastic. But all of our free time has been spent getting Shannon moved into our (formerly "my") place, finding room for wedding gifts, getting the place ready for her cat, thank you cards, etc. Doesn't leave much free time for blogging.

Everything seems to be getting calmer, so maybe I'll be back more regularly. Today is moving day for the cat. Pooh doesn't seem to handle change very well, so we'll see how she adjusts to her new home. We all know how well-adjusted and tolerant cats can be!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Reminder

There were so many things I intended to write about in this post: the wedding, honeymoon, Hurricane Dennis bearing down on our new friends in Jamaica. Instead, we get a reminder about why the War on Terror is so vitally important, a reminder of just what it is we're standing up against.

About six hours ago, during the height of morning rush hour, a series of coordinated terrorist bombings hit London. Sky News is reporting right now that 37 are dead, and anywhere from 300 to 1,000 injured. These attacks are eerily similar to the bombings in Madrid last year that killed nearly 200. A group supposedly with connections to al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the London bombings.

Apparently, the civilized world must again face the death and devestation caused by Muslim terrorists. In all the news reports and talking heads in the coming days, we will be innundated with politically correct coverage and commentary of the bombings. It will be interesting to see how often the media refers to "Muslim terrorists" or "Islamic terrorists". How long before the Islamic leaders in the US and Europe beg for understanding, patience, tolerance? Will we hear the tired old "religion of peace" line?

Time to face facts about these Muslim extremists...

  • These animals hate Western society and culture.

  • They hate Christians and Jews.

  • They believe killings "infidels" is a glorious undertaking.

  • These are the same pigs that carve the heads off captives, while videotaping the event and releasing the tapes to Al Jazeera.
It's a culture that breds violence and hatred. Nearly every major conflict taking place around the world involves these barbarians. The British have a particular problem, with so many Muslims having taken up residence there. The London mosques allegedly are rife with Muslims wanting to take up the anti-Western cause. Remember Richard Reed, the so-called "shoe bomber"? He worshipped at the Brixton Mosque in south London. Also at that mosque... Zacarias Moussaoui, who has been charged in the U.S. with conspiracy over the September 11th attacks.

The British are a tough people, with resolve and determination. Let's hope this galvanizes them and unifies them under Prime Minister Blair. He had a great quote this morning, addressing the media following the blasts:

"Our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism on the world."