Monday, April 30, 2007

Still No Class Among Alabama Earhardt Fans

The fans of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. once again have given NASCAR and the state of Alabama a black eye. Just like April 2004, the hillbilly contingent of stock car racing fans yesterday peppered the racetrack, as well as other fans and NASCAR officials, with beer cans and other debris when their favorite driver failed to win a race. Obviously NASCAR, track officials, and the fans' own favorite driver have no control over these idiots.

Obviously beer cans need to be banned at the track. Still, more needs to be done to keep other items from being thrown. As I see it, there are only two real options available to put an end to this.

First, punish their driver. When it happens, deduct championship points from the race team. Then these fools would only be hurting their favorite star. However, that's not fair to the driver. Granted, Earnhardt has never gone out of his way to condemn the practice. Last week, he encouraged his fans to throw toilet paper instead of cans. Dummy. How about saying, "If you throw anything on the track, I don't want you for a fan." Still...

The second (and best) option is to take away the track's second race. Take one of the two Talladega races and give it to as track whose fans are more respectful to the sport and all its drivers. Maybe Kansas or Las Vegas.