Thursday, May 03, 2007

G.O.P. Debate

The Republican Presidential candidates took part in a debate tonight. Here's a transcript of the event, should you care to read it. The first portion of the debate stuck to the usual topics... the War on Terror, Iran, President Bush and his Cabinet. Later, though, it got strange. There were questions like...

What do you dislike most about America?

Do you have a plan to solve the shortage of organs donated for transplant?

If a private employer finds homosexuality immoral, should he be allowed to fire a gay worker?

Is Karl Rove your friend? Would you employ Karl Rove?

What’s with your party and all this corruption?

Do you believe in evolution?

How do you take a debate seriously with questions like this?

My favorite comment of the debate came from Rudy Giuliani...

And the reality is, in the 1990s, we were on defense in dealing with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. When you had this debate last week and all the Democrats were up here, I never remember the words "Islamic fundamentalist terrorism" being spoken by any of them.

All in all, though, it didn't really help me out. Too many candidates, sorry moderating and questioning by Chris Matthews and the others... in some ways just a mess. At least the candidates seem more serious about this nation's defense and fighting terror than their Democratic counterparts.