Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Want To Cry...

This is just disturbing. From

The A-Team: The Strangest TV Cast Reunion Yet

It's gotta be the most bizarre TV series reunion yet. The surviving cast members of NBC's blockbuster 1980s series The A-Team will reunite on a British reality show -- to try to contact their deceased leader and co-star.

That's right, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T and Dwight Schultz will appear on a special episode of Most Haunted later this year and will try to contact co-star George Peppard from beyond the grave. The A-Team went off the air in 1987 and Peppard died seven years later from pneumonia. Most Haunted presenter Yvette Fielding says, "We're all going to Los Angeles for a week to film it. It took a lot of doing to get those three together -- now we have to do the really hard part."

Perhaps the three want to contact Peppard regarding the on-again/off-again big screen adaptation of The A-Team. The film's tentatively scheduled for a 2008 release. Though no cast has been announced, Benedict, T, and Schultz will reportedly have cameo roles.