Monday, April 26, 2004

Intemperate Thoughts And Musings For Monday Morning

The combat death of NFL star turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman should remind us of all the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the War on Terror. Whether it be in Afghanistan, Iraq, or some other theater or battle, they are all heroes. They've shown courage and valor in situations that civilians like me and you can never understand or appreciate. Take time to remember the lives lost, and pray for those still in peril. And whenever possible, let them know that you're proud of them and you appreciate their work.

Last Thursday was Earth Day. I find it interesting that the enviro-weenie holiday is celebrated on Lenin's Birthday? Or that the inaugural Earth Day, April 22, 1970, was Lenin's 100th birthday?

Presidential pretender John Kerry last week made a big deal about owning an American car, the Chrysler 300M. Funny, though, that Kerry speaks out loudly against outsourcing of jobs, yet brags about owning an American car whose production was outsourced to Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Sales of new homes soared to record levels last month, up 8.9%. Here in the South, they soared by over 19%. Why am I supposed to be afraid of the economy, Mr. Kerry? Huh?

What does it say about a nation's people when they won't fight to defend their own land against terrorists, and they speak out against the brave American troops who are providing their only defense? We get rid of an oppressive, murdering dictator. We help establish them a ruling goverment with free elections and human rights protections. We help bring income to the people of Iraq. We help supply them with reliable sources of electricty, water, education, food and health care. We risk our troops' lives to root out and capture the threats to the Iraqi civilians. Then we see pictures of Iraqis jumping on burned American humvees, or refusing to serve as Iraqi police or soldiers because they might have to fight or arrest fellow Iraqis. If we weren't fighting for something bigger and more important than this, I'd love to see us pack up and leave. Let the Iraqi people either learn to fight for themselves, or (more likely) be enslaved by some new oppressive, murdering dictator. They seem pretty content with that, as disgusting as that sounds...

The NASCAR fans of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. showed the world yesterday what classless redneck jerks so many of them are. Peppering the track with Budweiser beer cans and bottles after a NASCAR ruling went against their driver, they lived up to the stereotype (beer-swilling, tobacco-chewing, tooth-missing hillbillies) that the racing circuit has been working hard to get beyond. Worse yet, in post-race interviews Earnhardt never spoke out against his fans actions, which gives the appearance that he condones their actions. Maybe Budweiser will try to seperate itself from these jerks. Don't hold your breath.

This from Jay Leno last week... According to a poll by, the most popular baby names right now are Aidan for boys, and Madison for girls. The least popular baby names: Osama and Omarosa.