Thursday, April 05, 2007

Awful, Horrible Parenting

Aradio station promotion offering free admission to Six Flags in Atlanta this morning led to massive traffic jams and mayhem at the amusement park's gates.

From the AJC...

About 3:30 a.m., hundreds of youths rushed the fence barriers and the front gate when they thought the park was about to open. Fights erupted over tickets being passed out by park staff, they said.

"They ran us over," said [one teenager]. "We thought we were going to get trampled. We were beat up and punched for those tickets."

The crowd was so large that people were being turned away as early as 6am. No big deal, I guess. Here's where I have a problem, and it's not with Six Flags or the radio station...

Who are the main customers for Six Flags? Kids. According to news stories, kids were being dropped off by their irresponsible parents and left at the park. The kids then had no way home when turned away from the park. This AJC photo gallery even shows kids who, supposedly, were dropped off from cars on the interstate. We see pictures of the kids walking on and alongside the freeway.