Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Liberal Media Elitist Shows His Colors

ABC's Terry Moran, blogging at, says we shouldn't feel too upset for the three Duke lacrosse players wrongly accused of rape. But his liberal, class-envy side comes out in his writing. He uses all the right Lefty buzz-words...

As students of Duke University or other elite institutions, these young men will get on with their privileged lives. There is a very large cushion under them--the one that softens the blows of life for most of those who go to Duke or similar places, and have connections through family, friends and school to all kinds of prospects for success. They are very differently situated in life from, say, the young women of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

And, MOST IMPORTANT, there are many, many cases of prosecutorial misconduct across our country every year. The media covers few, if any, of these cases. Most of the victims in these cases are poor or minority Americans--or both. I would hate to say the color of their skin is one reason journalists do not focus on these victims of injustices perpetrated by police and prosecutors, but I am afraid if we ask ourselves the question honestly, we would likely find that it is.

I hope we all keep him and others in mind, as we cover the celebrated exoneration of well-heeled, well-connected, well-publicized young men whose conduct, while not illegal, was not entirely admirable, either.

Privileged... these boys have led privileged lives. I suppose in Terry Moran's mind that means tough times don't affect them as badly. Because they attend Duke, they will grow to become rich and powerful, and this ordeal will be soon forgotten. Their privilege will "soften the blow". He implies that we shouldn't feel much sympathy for them because they are well-off and white, not "poor or minority". And their conduct (i.e. - the party that led to all this) was not admirable. Well heck, sounds like they were just asking for it. Apparently Moran believes that either type of conduct never takes place at less-prestigious schools, or it's more acceptable at those schools.

Oh, and I particularly like the comparison between these three men, whose lives were trashed in the media by the press and prosecutors, and the Rutgers basketball players who were... gasp!... insulted. Yeah, that's fair.