Thursday, January 06, 2005

Speaking Of Not Moving On...

In D.C. today, Congress is in the procedd of certifying and approving the electoral vote from November's election. It should be a formality. But a small group of Democrats, in a politically driven move, have challenged the legitimacy of Ohio's electoral votes for President Bush. Even though President Bush won Ohio by more than 118,000 votes, and even though Senator Kerry doesn't support the challenge, several of the most left-leaning liberal Democrats in Congress are pushing forward.

It won't make any difference, though. After two hours of meeting and making statements in their seperate chambers, senators and representatives will reconvene and the vote will be certified. This is simply political grandstanding by a few sore-loder Dems. Plain and simple.

Who's to than for this? Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and California Sen. Barbara Boxer garner most of the blame.

Oh, did you know...
When electors met last month in state capitals to formally vote, an unknown Kerry elector in Minnesota cast a secret ballot for former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., Kerry's running mate. And, New York state's 31 electoral votes were cast for someone named John L. Kerry. Don't know what happened to his F.