Thursday, January 27, 2005

More Georgia Evolution Nonsense

First, state school superintendent Kathy Cox wanted schools to quit using the term "evolution", instead saying "biological changes over time." Then, Cobb County schools had to place stickers on textbooks, the stickers reading "Evolution Is A Theory - NOT A Fact." Now, it's a Georgia state legislator.

State Representative Ben Bridges has introduced a bill that would allow state schools to teach theories, such as evolution, only when they are "scientific". How that would be defined is inclear.

As a religous person, I can understand the hesitancy of some deeply religious types to embrace evolution. But let me ask this... Why do scientists and doctors think antibiotics are becoming less and less effective? Microbiologists know that "occasionally a mutation occurs that renders a bacterium resistant to a given antibiotic." And as a result of this "evolutionary process", many current antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.

We are seeing evolution taking place at the microscopic level. Technically, evolution is not strictly theory. When are mainstream religious types going to accept the fact that God and evolution can peacefully coexist? If you believe in an all-powerful and all-knowing God, then you must accept the idea that He could have used evolution as His means of creating mankind. Could have... meaning it was within His power if He had chosen to do so. And who are we, lowly little humans, to question God's methods?