Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Good News From Iraq

Arthur Chernkoff has posted Part 18 in his continuing series Good News From Iraq. As usual, it's a massive listing of the positive happenings over the past two weeks. You won't see these reported in the mainstream media too much, mainly because they show successes. These stories present our troops, and their mission, for what they really are. For the truth on what's happening in Iraq, check it out. There's also a series on Good News From Afghanistan.

Among the good news items this time around:

  • Iraq and Jordan have agreed on a free-trade zone around their border, allowing for more trade for goods and services between the two nations
  • Iraqi business owners are greatly optimistic about their future
  • Transportation, rail and cargo infrastructure construction is continuing well
  • Iraqi authorities are launching an ambitious plan to boost the nation's agriculture, including the planting of 30 million new olive trees over the next 10 years
And it goes on and on. This is definitely worth a read every couple of weeks when it comes out.