Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It Worked For Alcatraz

Officials in New York are looking at a proposal to make the Sing Sing Correctional Facility a tourist attraction. One of the most notorious prisons in the country, the 130-plus year old prison is still in use. Over 2,300 prisoners are housed at Sing Sing, with 1800 in maximum security. Nearly all of those are considered "violent offenders." It even has contributed to our language. The prison is located along the Hudson River, and inmates criminals to Sing Sing were said to have been "sent up the river."

I can see it now... Get you picture made sitting on Old Sparkey, the prison's famous electric chair. Special Halloween Night ghost hunts, seeking out the spirits of dead convicts. Maybe they could get some famous celebrities who have done jail time (hello Martha Stewart) to cut the ribbon opening the gift shop. Really, who wouldn't want a prison tourist attraction in their neighborhood?