Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What Kerry Believes This Week; Poll Numbers

Seems JFKerry has changed his mind yet again on what he would have done in Iraq. After voting to authorize the war in Iraq, then voting against funding for that war, Kerry has flip-flopped on the issue. Most recently, he announced last month that he would have supported the war even knowing what he knows now. Now, he says he would not have ousted Saddam Hussein if he'd been President.

Well it's a darn good thing for the world he isn't President. How in the world could anyone expect Kerry to accomplish anything as President when he can't seem to decide on whether the choice to go to war was good or not. Talk about riding the fence; his fanny must be full of splinters.

Meanwhile, in the latest Gallup Poll, President Bush's lead over JFKerry is wider than ever. In an open-ended question, Gallup asked Americans why they are supporting their particular candidate. Here are the top responses...

For President Bush:

27% - Doing a good job/satisfied with job performance
21% - War issues/stance on terrorism/national security
20% - Leadership quality/better candidate for job
16% - Honesty/integrity/ethics
15% - Good moral values/religious beliefs
6% - Favor his agenda/ideas/platforms/goals
6% - Like Bush/good character
For Senator Kerry:
18% - Want change/he's not Bush
13% - War issues/stance on terrorism/national security
13% - Favor his agenda/ideas/platforms/goals
11% - Economic issues
11% - Favor the Democratic Party
9% - Dislike Bush/poor character
You can see the clear difference between Conservatives and Liberals in the responses to this poll. Nearly half of all Bush supporters cited President Bush's job performance, specifically on issues pertaining to terrorism and defense. On the Kerry side, 27% are voting against Bush (as opposed to voting for Kerry), while another 11% are voting for a party, not a candidate. Nearly 40% of Kerry's supporters, according to this poll, plan on voting in the election with no regard for the Democratic candidate.

For the Libs, it's not about the issues. It's about standing up against the man who says what he believes and does what he says. Individual thought and responsibility, drawing lines between good and evil, standing up to evil and saying we'll defeat it. That's what Kerry's supporters are voting for. It isn't even fair to call them Kerry supporters. Kerry is insignificant to them. It's all about defeating Bush, issues be damned.