Wednesday, September 01, 2004

There's An Ill Wind Blowing

Hurricane Frances is churning in the Caribbean, and it seems to have set its sights on Middle Georgia. Actually, it's aiming for the central Atlantic coast of Florida. But forecasts have it moving inland and into Southern Georgia.
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This could make for a very interesting holiday weekend. It was a holiday weekend 10 years ago (July 4 '94) that we got about 18 inches of rain from a tropical storm. We're gonna keep our eyes on this one. It's massive and dangerous. This storm shouldn't screw with the Georgia Southern/UGA football game Saturday afternoon. Looks like it will start affecting us on Sunday.

As for the game, no one is suggesting anything resembling an upset, but we Eagles are optimistic that GSU will look good enough to make the game respectable. My prediction: UGA 47 GSU 16