Tuesday, September 14, 2004

3 Questions About The (Allegedly) Fake Memos

Gotta give Dan Rather credit... he's standing tough against an ever-increasing mountain of evidence that the memos CBS unveiled concerning President Bush's National Guard service are, gasp, fake. Every other news source in this country has trotted out experts to counter CBS's claims. Even the so-called experts CBS is relying on are clarifying their stories. CBS has apparently decided not to even investigate where the memos came from or attempt to further verify their authenticity.

This has the real chance of severely damaging (what's left of) the credibility and trust CBS has from its viewers. Ignoring the truth won't make it go away. Stubbornly denying what the entire world is coming to understand is true will do nothing to help them.

Now, here are three questions that need addressing:

1. Was CBS duped into reporting on (and getting all giddy about) forged documents, or were they complicit in the creation of these documents?

2. Why won't CBS reveal the source of these documents? Surely they wouldn't be foolish enough to go forward with such a fiasco without knowledge of the memos' origins.

3. Assuming these documents are fake, and someone was attempting to commit fraud by creating and releasing them, as well as attempting to disrupt a national election, isn't this a felony?