Friday, September 24, 2004

Recommended Blogs

I hope you'll all take a look at some of the blogs I've linked on the right side of this page. There are some new ones (Little Green Footballs and Occam's Toothbrush) to go with the old ones. Give them a chance and I bet you'll find lots to like. If you know of a blog I should check out, use the e-mail link in the upper right to send it to me (just remove the SPAM FILTER from the e-mail address).

Another blogger who I haven't linked to (yet) is Iowahawk. He has posted a wickedly funny rendition of the Dan Rather/CBS/Memogate story, told like a cheap dime-store detective novel. It's perfect for a Friday afternoon read. Here's an excerpt:

Although Lt. Kurtz was a media cop, I knew he wanted the Bush gang on ice as bad as me. I decided to confront him, point blank.

"Give it to me straight, flatfoot," I demanded. "What in the name of Edward R. Murrow is going on here?"

"I'm saying you've been played like a pawn shop fiddle, Rather. Set up. Conned. Slipped a mickey."

"What are you implying Kurtz?"

"Snookered. Bamboozled. Flimflammed. They sold you a first class ticket to the Palookaville snipe hunt on the Gullible Express."

"And so you're saying..."