Thursday, September 16, 2004

Some Random Links

20 Questions For John Kerry
Columnist Peter Kirsanow has compiled a fantastic list of questions for John Kerry, from the economy to the War on Terror to the media's role in the election. I'd kill to have the opportunity to ask JFKerry just one of these questions.

How To Stop A Hurricane
One idea, giant fans along the coast to blow the hurricane back out to sea. Another brainstorm: nuke it!

Worf Would Be Proud
German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has added Klingon, spoken by the bumpy-headed aliens of the "Star Trek" television series, to the 30 languages used on its Web site.

What's Your Goth Name?
You can find out at this site. Mine is Twisted Illusion. Thanks to Kathy at for the link.

Lost and Found Nuke
Seems that a nuclear bomb lost in 1958 off the coast of Georgia might have been found. The question, though, is what to do next?

Woman Loses Job Over Kerry Sticker On Car
I might be a right-leaning conservative, but this is still wrong.