Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Tuesday Morning

Dog Owners Prefer Bush To Kerry
The American Kennel Club and BankOne surveyed American dog lovers and found that the owners of man's best friend are not evenly divided on the presidential candidates. Like regular church attendees, dog lovers prefer to run in George W. Bush's yard. Asked which candidate they'd trust to walk Fido, dog owners favored Mr. Bush 51% to 37%. Asked which candidate would be better for their pooch's happiness, 44% favored Mr. Bush over 37% for Mr. Kerry. But perhaps more troublesome for the Democrat is what happened when participants were asked which dog breed they most closely associated with each candidate. For Mr. Bush, two breeds tied at 20% each: the Labrador retriever, the most popular family dog in America, and the Rottweiler, often used as a guard dog. As for Mr. Kerry, 15% associated him with Labs--but 14% picked a poodle (the poll didn't specify a French poodle).

85364... Why That's Yuma, Arizona!
The famous Zip Code Man of Boulder, Colorado knows the city for every zip code in America. Can you say Rain Man?

Vote Selling
An Ohio man tried to sell his vote in the Presidential election on eBay. Yep, it's a crime.

Adrian Paul: The Next James Bond?
The producers of the James Bond movie series have reportedly created a short list of potential replacements for Pierce Brosnan. The list: Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Eric Bana (The Hulk), Rikki Lee Travolta (Camelot: Excalibur), Adrian Paul (Highlander), and Clive Owen (King Arthur). My choice would be Adrian Paul. Apparently, he's won quite a lot of fan polls asking who should be the next Bond.

There Once Was A Man Named Bill
The Clinton Impeachment, told in limerick style.