Friday, August 27, 2004

Interesting Stuff

Dog's Best Friend
An alligator attacks a Florida man's dog. The man pulls out a pocket knife and attacks the gator. Dog is safe, man is safe, gator loses an eye.

High Costs Of College Football Tickets
USA Today shows just what it costs to buy football season tickets for the Top 25 schools. Can you say out of control?

Where You From? Dopeville?
A high school student outside Atlanta found himself in hot water for wearing a t-shirt featuring the name of the boy's hometown - Hempstead, NY. School administrator apparently quit reading after first four letters. Can you say overreaction?

Rate Your Professors
This website allows students to rate professors at colleges and universities across the country. Over 400,000 professors from 4,000+ schools are listed. They have a high school site,, as well.