Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hot Saucing?

This new form of corporal punishment seems to be gaining support, and I have to admit I like the idea. It's called hot saucing, and it sounds so clever. Your child won't respond to your directions? Just dab a drop of hot sauce on the child's tongue. Sounds like it works amazingly well. The idea is supported by many Christian parenting groups, who liken it to washing out a childs mouth with soap. It's distasteful and bothersome, but not dangerous.

I am a huge proponent of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment. Young children are not capable of complicated, deep intellectual thought. They do understand, however, the relatively simple idea of cause and effect. Disobey your parents, get a hot tongue. Simple enough. I like this notion because it delivers the effect quite well, but causes no physical injury to the child.

It's only my opinion, and we know how little that's worth, but I believe completely that parents who don't consider corporal punishment for their kids are being somewhat irresponsible. "Time outs" don't cut it. Punishment has to be strong enough that the child remembers, and desires to avoid, repeating it.