Friday, August 20, 2004

More Interesting Stuff

Stuntmen To Capture Falling Space Capsule
Using helicopters and flying nearly 2 miles above the ground, Hollywood stuntmen will attempt to catch a falling capsule jettisoned from an orbiting satellite.

Botox For Beagles?
A veterinarian in South America is offering plastic surgery for pets.

The Law Doesn't Apply To Jocks
A University of Maryland football player was acquitted by a judge of assaulting a cop, even though the judge said he believed the player was "guilty as sin." The idiot of a judge didn't want to ruin the jock's football career.

King Regis
Apparently the Guinness World Record people have decided that Regis Philbin has spent more hours on TV than anyone in history. My money was on Steven Seagal (his sorry movies are on ALL the time!)

I'm Not Obscene, I'm Just Drawn That Way
Spike TV to air adult cartoon Howard Stern: The High School Years.

Forget The Car, Just Steal The Engine
In West Virginia, thieves stole the engine out of a woman's Mustang sitting in her yard.