Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grounds For Libby Appeal?

Sounds like it to me. One of the jurors in the Scooter Libby trial, the only one seen speaking to the media after the verdict was read, is himself a former employee of.. .the Washington Post. He's also friends with just about every journalist covering the story and, more importantly, those called as witnesses in the trial. He's a former neighbor of NBC's Tim Russert, one of the high profile journalist/witnesses. He already has a seven page (nearly 8,000 words! Tell me he wasn't working on that while sitting in that jury box) account of inside-the-jury details up at far-left leaning

My first thought hearing all this... did Libby's lawyers check out any of the jurors? There is no reason this guy should have been on that jury. The trial was a sham, and this just solidifies that fact.

I love what Bryan at writes:

There is something deeply rotten about trying a man for misremembering things about a crime he did not commit, because it never occurred. There is something deeply rotten in a country that lets proven liars like the Wilsons walk scott free to continue to undermine a war in progress, while Libby winds up facing jail time. Their nepotistic junket to Niger and Wilson’s subsequent misreporting of that trip are a far greater crime against the country than anything Libby did. There is something deeply rotten in a country that lets Sandy Berger go, but puts Mr. Libby behind bars. This was a rotten trial with a rotten verdict. Our justice system appears to be falling apart.