Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Could Be The GOP's Best Bet In '08

You might not have heard, but there's a movement underway to draft former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson to run for President in 2008. It's been formed by two prominent members of that state's Congressional delegation. From their press release...

Congressmen Zach Wamp and John J. Duncan, Jr. will serve as co-chairmen of the “Draft Fred Thompson 2008″ committee. The committee’s goal is to recruit and organize citizens from both the public and private sectors into a leadership group that will serve as a clearinghouse for Thompson supporters from across the country.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that a growing number of Americans want Fred Thompson to join the 2008 presidential campaign,” said Wamp. “Senator Thompson’s ability to communicate an optimistic vision for America, coupled with his strong conservative credentials, makes him an ideal choice for thousands of our fellow citizens.”