Friday, March 18, 2005

More PC BS

In another case of ridiculous political correctness, the NCAA has informed the University of North Carolina - Pembroke to change it's "Braves" nickname and logo. The NCAA claims the nickname is "racially insensitive". A little background...

UNC-Pembroke was founded in 1887 to educate Native Americans, primarily the Lumbee Tribe that lives around Pembroke. The students, Indians themselves, chose the Braves nickname because that's how they liked to refer to themselves. That was in the 1940s. Today, about one-fifth (more than 1,000 students) of the school's enrollment is American Indian, mostly from the Lumbee Tribe. And five American Indians currently serve on UNCP's board of trustees.

A petition to save the "Braves" name has been started, and over 2,000 students have signed. Last month, the Lumbee Tribal Council voted unanimously in favor of the nickname. To his credit, school Chancellor Allen C. Meadors appointed a campus steering committee to assist the University in responding to the NCAA request. They will survey the local community to gauge local sentiments. There seems to be widespread support for "Braves".

"We are following the community's lead on this," Meadors said. "If the community says we should change our nickname and logo, we will do it."

Here's hoping common sense will prevail, UNC-Pembroke will stand up for itself, and the PC crowd will lose another stupid fight.