Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogger's Block

Since late last week I haven't had much inclination or inspiration to write. Call it blogger's block. Hence, limited entries lately. Work's been busy, as has life outside work. Too many other things pulling me in too many different directions, and I've had no real desire to pontificate.

The media's been so full of it's own self-importance while covering the Terri Schiavo story in Florida. Over the weekend (between the local Cherry Blossom Festival, Easter and my Sweetie's birthday) I was asked my opinion by four different people on the Schiavo story. Up until now I had made the choice to not write about it, because the situation seems to be bringing out the worst in people.

Pro-lifers seem to have taken Terri's cause as their own, hoping to prolong her state of limbo to satisfy their own agendas. That's why you see Randall Terry, Christian activist and founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, acting as Terri's parents' spokesperson. Now Jesse Jackson is pushing his way into a siutuation he has no business being in. On the other side you've got Terri's husband, promising to keep her wishes and help her die, while living and siring children with another woman. When asked why he won't divorce Terri so he can marry this new woman, he says he loves Terri too much. What a hypocrite.

People all over the country are arguing the sides of this story. Let her die... keep her alive... it's all getting tiresome. I feel sorry for Terri, and I hope her tragic story comes to a quick, peaceful end. She's not coming back, and it's cruel to prolong her passing. That said, I find it unacceptable that she be starved and dehydrated to death. That's also far too cruel.

More than anything, I want this story to go away. This should be a very personal, private situation. It's undignified for those involved, and so disrespectful to Terri's memory, for all this to be played out on TV like it has.