Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Liberal Insult To U.S. Troops

California blogger Digger, of Digger's Realm, has been documenting the saga of two liberal Berkeley lawyers, husband and wife, who have been hanging an American soldier in effigy on their home in Sacramento (LINK WARNING: Some graphic language). Steve and Virginia Pearcy, the couple in question, have been quite outspoken in their support for the forces our troops are fighting in Iraq. It's a pretty disgusting display, quite frankly. The effigy is torn down, the Pearcys put it back up. The sign in their Porsche (nice Liberal ride!) is utterly obscene.

Further evidence that most on the Left have no idea what it means to be free, don't understand the responsibilities that go with freedom, and are unwilling to support what must be done to protect the liberties that they take for granted.