Monday, February 28, 2005

Good News From Iraq

Arthur Chrenkoff has just posted Good News From Iraq - #22. If you haven't heard of this, it's his regular listing of the positive stories coming out of Iraq our mainstream media doesn't see fit to report.

Some of the good:

In the recently held Iraqi elections, many of the big winners were women. Of the 275 members of the newly elected Iraqi Assembly, 86 are women (over 30%).

Iraq's first constitutional conference is underway, working out in broad terms the shape of the nation's permanent constitution.

The Iraqi stock market is showing strong growth, and there's talk of opening up the market to foreign investors. Meanwhile, Iraq's central bank will be allowed to open a deposit with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which will earn it millions of dollars in vital interest income. That interest, over $100 million a year, can be used to improve Iraq's infrastructure.

Foreign banks are moving into the nation.

More passenger airlines are scheduling service to Baghdad.

Initiatives are in place to support development and economic growth in the agriculture sector, and success is being seen.

On the environmental front, one of the world's greatest marshland habitats - and home of an ancient culture - is beginning to show the first signs of recovery after decades of systematic destruction under Saddam Hussein.

Coalition troops are providing vital reconstruction and humanitarian assistance, in addition to providing security. New schools have been built and others are under construction; the health infrastructure is being rebuilt, including some areas of the country often ignored; railroad construction and rehabilitation continues; help for widows and orphans of the Iran-Iraq war is being given by our troops as well.

About 6,000 old bullet-proof vests have been sent from police departments around the U.S. to Iraqi police forces.
There's so much more. It's always a great read, and it reinforces that most of the major national news outlets don't have any desire to bring the American public the positive stories coming out of Iraq. Arthur Chrenkoff is the only person aggregating these stories and bringing them to the American public.