Tuesday, February 08, 2005

College Promotes Empathy For Osama Bin Laden

Augsburg College, a Lutheran institution in Minneapolis, is hosting a lecture event called the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. As part of the forum, a seminar is scheduled titled, "Fighting Terrorism with Empathy: a Model for Peace". Here's the actual description:

The word terrorism strikes a deep nerve among Americans today--having sparked an entire nation to the defense of its country and the subjugation of those who stand in opposition. One of these men who stand in opposition is the man who planned the September 11 attacks. In November 2004, Osama Bin Laden released a tape giving his recipe for a healthy nation. This seminar would dissect his message and use audience participation in doing so. Discussion points would include counterterrorism methods, the possibility of peace, empathy etc. The aim of this seminar would be to help understand the position of Osama Bin Laden as presented in the video and explore in what ways the origins of terrorism are to be found, not in some foreign citizen, but in the actions we take out of fear, hate and retribution.
Guess it's safe to say that Augsburg College is a LIBERAL arts school, huh?