Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Time To Move Ahead

The election is finally over and the American people have spoken. With a loud and clear voice we have chosen President Bush as the leader we want in charge of our nation. Those of us on the Right need not and should not gloat. This race has been bitter and dirty, and in no way one sided. This nation is seriously divided along party lines. And there are some points we should keep in mind as we move ahead.

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Look at the maps above. The red states in the top map are states won by the President; the blue states belong to Kerry. The second map breaks down yesterday's election results to the county level. Look at the number of counties won by the President. This map must be perticularly disturbing to the Democrats.

What is typically referred to as the "fly-over" section of the country belongs to the Republican Party. It's incredible. Except for the liberal bastions on the West Coast and in New England, and very low-income/high-minority counties in the Deep South and along the Mexican border, the vast majority of the country falls Republican. The Democratic Party, and it stands now, is looking less and less like a national party. Zell Miller pointed it out, and these maps agree: the Democrats are losing America.

As of now, President Bush has received 59,019,598 votes, which is about 3,540,000 more than Kerry. That's 8 million more than Al Gore received in 2000, and 11.6 million more than President Clinton got in 1996 (his highest total). He's also the first Presidential candidate to receive a majority of the popular vote since his father got 53% in 1988. That sounds like a mandate.

Now, we move forward.