Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Here's The Problem

President Bush nominates Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State. She's the first African-American female to ever be nominated for so high a position. Any reasonable person would think this nomination would go over well among the nation's women. It's another sign of female success and achievement. It should be celebrated, right?

Apparently not by the Lefties.

The staunchly liberal National Organization of Women (NOW) refuses to even acknowledge the nomination on their web site. Political cartoonists have been creating insulting, demeaning and racist cartoons aimed at Rice. Long, long, long-time reporter and columnist Helen Thomas has given, perhaps, the most vitriolic response to the Rice nomination. So much for the fairness and lack-of-bias of the mainstream media. Here's the report on that from Newsmax. (Warning: Graphic language!)

President Bush's decision to nominate Condoleezza Rice received widespread praise from both Democrats and Republicans.

But longtime White House Bureau Chief Helen Thomas, now a syndicated columnist with Hearst, had nothing but contempt for Rice's nomination. The feisty 84-year-old reporter who started at the White House during the Kennedy administration had some unkind words to describe Bush and Condi.

NewsMax bumped into Thomas in the lobby of New York's Waldorf-Astoria as she waited for a lunch date.

Asked about the election result, the sharp-tongued reporter simply put her hand on her face and said, "My God, the man is a fascist -- a fascist, I tell you."

She warned that Bush's victory will mean one thing: more war. She expects Iran to be next.

But surely Thomas, a female reporter who succeeded decades ago in a "man's world," had some empathy about Condi's appointment.

As we suggested the notion, a look of horror came over Thomas' face.

"I tell you, the women is a monster, a monster, a monster," she kept saying.

Asked why she was so angry with Condi, Thomas explained that the national security adviser had lied about the Iraq war and "thousands had died."

Thomas, to her credit, has asked tough questions of both Democrat and Republican presidents during her long tenure in the White House press corps, but some of her anger seemed more personal.

For decades, Thomas held the privileged front-row seat in the pressroom and usually got to ask the first question. Now she says she is back in the last row and "Bush is afraid to take my questions."

Fair enough, but the venom for Condi?

When NewsMax referred to some of Condi's positive achievements, Thomas kept interjecting "monster" to describe her. "The lady is a g-dd--n liar," Thomas said, adding that such prevaricators were commonplace in the Bush White House.

Nor was Thomas impressed that Condi, an African-American woman, had risen from segregated Alabama to become the most powerful woman in the nation.

Thomas rejected that, too, claiming that Condi's family had opposed Dr. Martin Luther King and that she and her folks had not supported the civil rights movement. In fact, Thomas then made the bizarre claim that Condi's family wouldn't even patronize black-owned stores.

Thomas had little substantiation for any of these allegations.

Nor for some very vague allegations about the Bush family, which she said would "stop at nothing" to deal with its enemies.
This old bag is an 84-year-old has been, who does nothing but spit venom toward all things non-liberal. Yet she's a perfect example of the problem with politics in America. Instead of celebrating the advancement of a minority woman to the highest reaches of government, the Left still spews hate.

They can't see, or maybe just can't accept, that they are out of step with most Americans.