Friday, November 12, 2004

Stupid Lawsuits

A Pennsylvania woman is suing Norfolk Southern Railway because of minor injuries she received when she was clipped by a freight train while walking along the tracks. Her claim is based on the fact that no signs were posted warning that walking along the tracks might be dangerous. Doh! Her injuries? A broken finger and some cuts to her hand.

A Georgia couple who paid over $16,000 for a spray-on siding product for their house were dissatisfied with the results. So they created a web site to share their disappointment and to provide a forum for other unsatisfied customers to complain about the product. Apparently the folks who make the product are none too happy, and have filed a lawsuit to challenge the homeowners' rights to complain on their web site.

Frivolous lawsuits aren't limited to the United States. The McDonald's restaurant chain is being sued in Russia after a woman... you ready for this?... spilled hot coffee on herself. I wonder if Russia has a "loser pays" legal system.