Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Kook Keeps Getting Kookier

Of course, I'm referring to to Cindy Sheehan. Here's a quote from her latest posting at Huffingtonpost.com

The war machine and the people who serve it in our government are getting a little afraid themselves of not being able to keep the industrial military complex rolling in the bloody dough, so George and friends have come up with a new enemy whose atrocities also can't be contained to borders and that doesn't wear a national uniform: The Bird Flu... Our new enemy of the state will be Birds who may be ill and we shall be very afraid every time we sneeze and pray that our government saves us from more imaginary threats.
It could be funny watching to see what idiotic ramblings she comes up with next, if the woman herself weren't so pathetically disturbed. She needs help. Psychological help. Grief counseling. Something. Instead, the moonbats of the extreme Left are using her as a poster child for their causes. Sadly, the media is eating it up. Cindy is a victim of their games, but she's apparently too far gone to realize it.