Friday, October 14, 2005

The Joys Of Having A Yard

The last couple of days I've spent at the new house, getting unpacked and making the place more homey. I've also been doing a bit of yard work. Now the yard itself is nearly perfect. The previous owners kept it immaculate. Our next door neighbors have already told me that we have "a lot ot live up to" where the yard is concerned. The grass is nice and lush, and in a little less than an hour it can all be cut and edged. The backyard has a nice, young weeping willow which Shannon just loves. She's always wanted one in her yard.

Being out on the back porch, watching the squirrels playing on the fence or in the yard, and things all seem so right. It also helps bring on the feelings of ownership. This is OUR yard. OUR house. Sweet...