Friday, August 12, 2005

Ironic That He Had TRIPLE Bypass Surgery

I know this story has been all over the web for a couple of days, but it's too got to not pass along. From the Globe and Mail...

Three weddings and a funeral?

A lifetime of love, lies and a trio of wives unravelled for Melvyn Reed as he lay recovering from open-heart surgery in a British hospital room, police confirmed yesterday. The 59-year-old bigamist was expecting his wives to visit his sickbed, but he had planned to see them at carefully staggered intervals. Instead, he faced an incomparably awkward moment as all three arrived within minutes of each other.

It began when his second wife, Denise Harrington, 38, walked into the room to find his third wife, Lyndsey Hutchison, seated at his side. Mr. Reed introduced his third wife as a hospital visitor. But both grew suspicious when his first wife, Jean Grafton, 61, strolled in and added to the mounting confusion. The three women then went out to the parking lot to compare notes and found they were all married to the same man.

Mr. Reed, a round, balding used-car salesman, had managed to keep his three wives separate for years...