Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hometown News

Thought this was a neat story. Takes place in my hometown, and involves the company my Mom works for...

Milliken Taps into Landfill Methane
The manufacturer will purchase 80 percent of gas generated.
by Mairi Beautyman
Interior Design - August 15, 2005

Methane gas emitted from the community landfill in LaGrange, Georgia will help carpet manufacturer Milliken replace 30 percent of its natural gas consumption. The gas harvesting program, initiated by the City of LaGrange municipality, launches next month.

"Methane burns cleaner and greener," says David Beard, Milliken's director of energy resources. "We looked at solar energy and other sources, but only methane had the power output comparable to natural gas."

The manufacturer will purchase 80 percent of the gas generated. According to the city, revenues from the program will offset property taxes, in addition to reducing methane released into the atmosphere. U.S. landfills are the largest source of methane worldwide.

"There is no downside for the community," says According to Patrick Bowie, director of utilities for the City of LaGrange, "industrial customers will have a source of green energy and the city is using the landfill space much more efficiently."

Over the past two decades, Milliken has eliminated use of PVC, introduced the market's only closed loop carpet process, and achieved zero waste. Last year, the manufacturer received Cleaner and Greener certification.