Friday, December 10, 2004

Odds And Ends

Some interesting items from around the world, just in case you missed them...

Curse Of The Christmas Song
The U.K.'s Guardian has compiled the top ten singers & bands whose careers and/or lives hit the skids after releasing a Christmas song. Ooh, scary...

There's Always Room For Jello
A fourth-grader in Louisiana was suspended for bringing small, clear plastic containers of Jello to school to sell to her friends. Even though they contained no alcohol, the school charged her with selling a "look-alike drug" because the treats resemble "Jello shots".

Greatest Canadian Ever

Beating out Wayne Gretzky and Dudley Doright, actor Keifer Sutherland's grandfather has been named the Greatest Canadian in a national poll. Tommy Douglas founded and championed the Soviet-style form of medicare so cherished by pious Canadians, who don't mind waiting years for elective surgery.

Springer on AM
Trash talk show host Jerry Springer gets his own daily radio show on Cincinnati's WSAI-AM when the Clear Channel station flips from oldies music to liberal talk in January. Further proof that Clear Channel is killing the radio business.

Pork... The Other Lethal Weapon
An Oklahoma inmate charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon after stabbing another inmate with a pork chop bone.