Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Know Who You're Giving Your Money To

I know it's probably considered extreme, but I just hate spending my money at stores or on products that indirectly benefit liberal political causes. That's why I won't buy Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, and why I don't like Old Navy and Barnes & Noble. I don't want to knowingly support people and businesses that have a radically skewed vision of this nation.

The Libs themselves have helped me keep track of who I do and don't want to do business with. Through a web site called Choose The Blue, you can see just how much money the people you buy from are spending (2003-2004 election cycle) on political causes. Some examples, from the Retail Stores category from Choose The Blue...

Barnes & Noble - 98% of their donated funds went to Democratic candidates
Bed, Bath & Beyond - 93% to Democrats
Costco - 98% Democratic
Gap - 61% Democratic
Old Navy - 61% to Democrats

Circuit City - 96% to Republican candidates
Home Depot - 94% Republican
Sears - 76% To Republicans
Target - 73% to Republicans

There are tons of listings, from fast-food (Arby's, Starbucks and Sonic are heavy Blue) to car companies (all Red except Toyota). If you check it out, I hope your favorites fall on your side.

UPDATE : To address the comment posted by "Nemo", most of the information comes from the Federal Election Commission's web site ( and from the Center for Responsive Politics ( The liberal web site is posting it for their use, and I think it's priceless that we can use it to avoid their supporting businesses, if we choose.