Monday, January 01, 2007

Some Fun Stuff To Start Off 2007

Just a few fun sites I've stumbled across recently...
Upload a picture of a friend or co-worker and create a dancing elf with that person's face.

Overheard In New York
Folks overhear the strangest things in New York. At this web site, they share those conversations with the world.

This directory of sports-related podcasts is a must visit for sports fans.

UTOPIA Maps In The News
For the geographically challenged, the maps here help give a reference to the places around the world where news is happening.

Aviation Videos
Some fantastic, some scary and some downright bizarre flying-related videos. My favorite, the guy who's hurled hundreds of feet into air via sling-shot, then parachutes back to earth.
You design your won t-shirt, andthey create it.

Will It Blend?
These clowns take the strangest assortment of things and, well, try to puree them in a blender. Cell phones, rotisserie chicken, credit cards, even hockey pucks.