Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Or Bad?

The San Diego Chargers play host Sunday to the New England Patriots in the AFC playoffs. The last 1,000 or so tickets went on sale this week, but with a stipulation. Tickets were for local residents only. Payments could be made only by credit card, and the billing address on the cards was checked. Orders with an out-of-area billing address were immediately cancelled.

I can understand the argument that the Cargers wanted to make sure their fans could get tickets, not lose them to Pats fans. This shows (to me, at least) what a weak fan base the Chargers have, that there were still a lot of tickets available the week leading up to a playoff game. It's a sign of weakness and insecurity on the part of the Chargers.

More importantly, couldn't this open the Chargers up to some legal action? Apparently there's no NFL rule that saws tickets have to be made available to everyone. Sure doesn't seem right to me.