Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Ending

On June 2nd, I passed along the story of Marine Sgt. Zach Richardson, and his visit to Carson Middle School in Greensboro, Georgia. In a nutshell, Sgt. Richardson was invited by a teacher to meet the students who had been writing letters to him and a few of his comrades. When he came to the school, Principal Ulrica Corbett ordered him removed from school grounds. When the story hit the news, it became a nasty mess for the Greene County School System.

The good folks at the Ritz-Carlton at Reynolds Plantation recently hosted Sgt. Richardson, some of his fellow Marines, and nearly 1,000 local residents, including the students from that middle school. Glad to see the students finally got to meet a real American hero. It's a shame their school principal doesn't seem to either be one, or know one when she sees one.