Monday, November 06, 2006

More Links

For those of you with a bit of free time, here are a few ways you can waste it...

David Letterman Top Ten List
Recapping the previous night's TopTen list, plus archives.

The Center For The Prevention of Shopping Cart Abuse
" help you understand this unspoken threat, to offer counsel to those who cause harm to the Cart and to sing the praises of the silver chariot of the parking lot."

How To Destroy The Earth
Quite an interesting read, actually. Mind you, we're talking the whole planet. Molten core and all. Be sure to read the companion pieces "Why Destroy The Earth?" and "International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board."

Optical Illusion Image Galleries
Just what it says.

What American Accent Do You Have?
Take the quiz and find out. Apparently mine is a "Midland" accent, like southern Indiana or Missouri, but possibly Charleston or Atlanta (how's that for specifics?).