Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Info On Katrina Deaths

We're learning more about where the Hurricane Katrina death in New Orleans took place, and again the information contradicts what many would like to see. Unlike what was reported early on, deaths were just as likely to have occurred in the middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods as the poorer areas. Aside from the bodies recovered in hospitals and medical facilities, almost half of all victims were found in neighborhoods with average incomes over the New Orleans median income.

As for the idea that the poorest areas were the most damaged, try this on for size...

Many of the city's wealthier neighborhoods sit on Lake Pontchartrain in the lowest-lying sector of town, Campanella said. For example, Lakeview, a predominately white neighborhood that contains mansions valued at more than $1 million in addition to crowded streets studded with modest bungalows, fronts the lake and is adjacent to the 17th Street Canal. When the levee collapsed, the neighborhood was destroyed. The only neighborhood with comparable destruction, the Lower 9th Ward, sits on higher ground but was unluckily flanked by two broken levees.
Many people would have you believe otherwise, but the deaths and destruction knew no bounds.