Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GOP Calls Out Dems For Iraq Lies

The Republican National Committee has posted a video on their web site showing clips of various Democrats, during both the Clinton and Bush administrations, arguing about the menace that Saddam Hussein posed.

I love the fact that the Dems are trying to rewrite history and change the stances they took prior to the invasion of Iraq. The world is different today, with every comment these politicians make recorded for posterity. And don't forget the bloggers. History can't be rewritten anymore. There are far too many fact checkers. Ask Dan Rather.

As much as many Democrats would like to change their record on the war to suit their current political needs, it's just going to make them look foolish to try. They still hold the American people in such low regard. They will lie to our faces, thinking most Americans are gullible enough to believe the lie. I believe we are all smarter than that. We should all be offended by what they're trying to do. However, it should be fun watching them try to defend their "new" records.