Monday, June 20, 2005

I Couldn't Let This One Go

Some of the more extreme liberal Dems in the U.S. House last week held a mock impeachment hearing in the Capitol basement. The event showcased what passes for intelligent thought from the moonbat fringe of the Democratic Party.

The likes of John Conyers, Maxine Waters and Barney Frank railed on the Bush administration's "lies" over Iraq. Rep. Waters called the Iraq War "one of the biggest scandals in the history of this country." One "witness", former intelligence analyst Ray McGovern, declared that the war is being fought for Iraq's oil, to support Israel, and so the U.S. and Israel can dominate that part of the world. At one point, a former State Department worker rose from the audience to propose criminal charges against Bush officials.

To make this loony situation more laughable, C-Span aired an hour of the "hearing." When they cut away after an hour, activists at Democratic headquarters were upset, even declaring a "conspiracy."

So this is what the Democrats have become... pretty sad.